Happy Birthday, Squeaky Fromme!

Learn a little more about the Manson’s Family favorite carrot-top and would-be assassin

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Lynette Alice Fromme (aka Squeaky)

As you may know, I’m a researcher. I regularly use genealogical tools to help learn more about someone I’m researching. I also use astrological tools, to help better understand a person’s behavior, attitude and experiences.

So, I thought I’d add in some natal charts as I work my way through the Family’s birthdays. I have a longer piece I’m writing about Charlie’s birth charts (a LOT to unpack there!) but for now, here’s a quick snapshot of Lyn’s;

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First, some background on Lyn:

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A high school yearbook picture of Ms. Fromme

Charlie drove to Venice Beach to see the waves, maybe buy a joint. There, he came upon a girl crying and sitting alone on a park bench. A slender, red-haired, freckled waif, sobbing and clutching a dictionary. Charlie sensed a damsel in distress, and he stepped in to the rescue.

Her name was Lynette Fromme and she’d just been kicked out of her home by her father. Manson soothed her, comforted her with words and then told her she’d be okay. As he headed back to the bus however, Lynette was merely a hop-skip and a jump behind, asking a gazillion questions.

18-year old Lynette grew up in Santa Monica. Her father was an engineer in the aerospace industry. She was a lively child who performed with a local dance group, ‘The Lariats’, even appearing on the Lawrence Welk Show. But when the family moved to Redondo Beach, Lynette began taking drugs and drinking and was frequently at odds with her strict father. She barely graduated from high school and fought her dad on continuing her education, eventually enrolling at nearby El Camino Junior College.

Lyn, as friends and family called her, had a special affinity for animals. Sprite-like and effervescent, she seemed to commune with the neighborhood dogs, cats, raccoons and chirping birds. Her exuberance and natural talent had been a particularly important tool in surviving her childhood. Her father had morphed from a serious young military man into a hard and bitter rageaholic, who took his frustrations out on his wife and kids. Light-hearted Lyn seemed to especially bear the brunt of his anger.

It is not uncommon for the children of angry, violent parents to try to diffuse a tense household through dance, song and humor. It’s a common coping mechanism and by the time Lyn was 18, she’d done all she could to survive her father’s wrath. She was popular in school (one boyfriend, Bill Siddons, later managed The Doors and she was good friends with the late Phil Hartman of Saturday Night Live) but known as flighty and nervous among her peers.

Not only was Lynette’s father a volatile control-freak, but her mother had become a doormat in response, a shell of a person trying to survive her husband’s outbursts. As the second woman to join Manson’s ‘Family’, Lyn learned to utilize both her father’s rage and her mother’s ability to check out, in the transformative years to come. Lynette Alice Fromme, in fact, had the instincts to be as mercurial as the man she had just met.

Lyn joined Charlie on his ride back to San Francisco. There, she shadowed him as he looked for performing gigs or resorted to panhandling. Everywhere they went, Charlie knew people. Teenage girls would rush up to him, announcing they were pregnant. He smiled beatifically, patted them on the head and gave them an encouraging word or two. They were runaways and hookers. Lyn grew up in a traditional home and though she’d dabbled with alcohol and LSD, initially found these interactions very strange. But within a short time, she accepted that ‘The Gardener’ (as Charlie called himself) tended to others with affection and care, and without judgment.

At the apartment that night, Lyn initially thought Mary rather uptight, with her precise household rules and codependent relationship with her dog. Then Charlie laughed and offered to help Mary and Lyn get over their ‘conditioning’. He especially enjoyed taking a shit in front of them to get them over their bathroom etiquette hang-ups. And Lyn’s love for animals melded symbiotically with Mary’s passion for the planet. Soon, the two were like two peas in a pod.

One day while Mary was at work, Charlie told Lynette to take off her clothes. She became shy and turned away and told him she didn’t know why, but she couldn’t. “I know better than that,” he chuckled. “There isn’t anything you don’t know, Lyn. Now take off your clothes. I want to look at you.”

Charlie had the bravado and forcefulness of her father but used gentle words and a calming smile. That moment, Lynette laid her head on his shoulder in gratitude. She wanted him to hold her, to protect her. She was willing to have sex if it meant she might be loved.

Before sex, Charlie got Lyn to admit that she wanted her father to hit her because she craved his attention and would accept anything from him, good or bad. Charlie could always find a connection, imbedded in his own limited experience, to relate to others. He had craved his mother’s attention, his uncles, his prison mentors. He mirrored the experience of whoever was in front of him to get them to acquiesce to him. Lynette did, but there was a hesitation those first weeks they spent together. She wasn’t completely ready to let go of her past.

The Manson Family: More to the Story by H. Allegra Lansing ©2019 Swann Publications (including quote from Squeaky: The Life and Times of Lynette Alice Fromme by Jess Bravin ©1997 St. Martin’s Press)

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Lyn Fromme during the Manson Family trials of 1970

Here are a few things that Lyn’s natal chart tells us:

  • Her Sun is in Libra: Lyn is social and charming, and loves to make people happy. She will never betray someone she views as trustworthy.
  • Her Moon is in Gemini: Lyn’s emotions frequently change, and she needs to feel intellectually stimulated. She is a good conversationalist, and wants to stay positive.
  • Her Mercury is in Libra: Where Mercury shows up in your chart indicates the way that you communicate. Lyn is diplomatic, and her deepest bonding experiences are with those who share her ideas and love for discussion. Lyn takes the middle ground in heated debates and never wants to be seen as the ‘bad guy’.
  • Her Venus is in Virgo: An auspicious alignment! Lyn is direct, even child-like in her approach and she wants relationships that are playful and not too serious.
  • Her Mars is in Sagittarius: Mars (the God of War) is all about what heats us up. For Lyn, when she gets angry, her instinct is to run. Impatient and optimistic, Lyn’s best means of diffusing her anger is to get physical: run, hike, swim, punch — get those frustrations out through activity.
  • Her Jupiter is in Sagittarius: Jupiter is right at home in Sag, so another great placement for Lyn! This is a lucky sign, when the individual is being tolerant, generous and enthusiastic. Lyn is a risk-taker who believes in showing confidence, no matter how she feels inside.
  • Her Uranus is in Cancer: Cancer is a water sign, and a very emotional one. Lyn reacts strongly to how she perceives others’ treatment of her. Intuitive and creative, she is also incredibly sensitive and likes to check in with others before embarking on new projects. She works best in a team, and needs to feel safe with lots of positive feedback.
  • Her Neptune is in Libra: Lyn craves intimacy and relationships, but dislikes compromise. She is inclined to the arts and has a very spiritual nature. Her goals include Peace on Earth, but she is idealistic to an extreme.
  • Her Pluto is in Leo: Lyn loves to be in the spotlight and loves to show off her abilities. She is a master of reinvention, adapting to find new skills and traits. It’s best for her to be in a creative environment, and not to take on too many projects at one time.
  • Her True Node is in Taurus: True Node isn’t a planet in our constellation, but rather the real position of the Moon’s node at any time. Your True Node (often referred to as North Node) in your natal chart, is considered to be your ideal life path. Lyn’s True Node in Taurus means that she needs to find balance between her spiritual and physical worlds. Constantly testing those around them, very few people ever get really close and that’s okay with Lyn: too many people and energies around her, drain her spirit. She loves to remind those in her life of the beauty around them.
  • Her Chiron is in Scorpio: Chiron is also not a planet, but an ice body between Saturn and Uranus, that orbits the sun with a unique and erratic orbit. In the natal chart, Chiron represents our deepest wound, and our efforts to heal the wound. When Chiron moves through the universe, it reveals what is broken in our society. Chiron asks what holds us back and what makes us feel liberated. Lyn’s Chiron in Scorpio reflects her awareness of detachment and what she has lost. She limits her relationships, because recovery from those losses takes so much out of her. Yet she is drawn to situations where she might lose her own self and identity, among more powerful persuasions.

I hope this has been fun for you, to learn a little more (potentially) about Lynette Fromme based on her birth chart. We don’t know the time of her birth, which would give us even more information yet I feel this has definitely helped me know more about the gal we call ‘Squeaky’ than before!

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Squeaky and her BFF, Sandra Good
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Squeaky in the 1970s, on trial for the attempted assassination of President Gerald Ford
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Squeaky today

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