Yep - I read that book when I was a young adult. It was heartbreaking, learning how troubled her daughter had been her whole life and knowing the family had little they could do to control her, or her tragic outcome.

I totally believed Sid had killed her most of my life, until I watched a couple documentaries in recent years and began questioning the story. Could he have done it? Sure, I do believe he was capable of murder. It's just baffling that police apparently never looked seriously at any of the other potential suspects.

Steven C was someone identified early on as a dealer, someone Rockets knew but not sure who else claimed to have seen him at the Chelsea that morning. And RR waffled between pointing to potential suspects, and even bragging to acquaintances about killing Nancy himself.

It's one of those crimes that will never be solved, but fascinating to look at all these years later. Thanks for your comment!

Author of the “More to the Story” true crime nonfiction series.

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